Looking for the best PPC services company in India to improve traffic, generate more leads and sales? Boom your business with first-rate PPC services from us! is one of the best companies in India, and we get you the desired results at a lower Cost Per Acquisition. We effectively leverage every Ad channel to deliver the best Return on Ad Spend.

At SEM Marketing, we have pay per click experts who are Google ads certified. They have delivered significant results so far for many companies. Having backup plans for everything is extremely important. If plan A fails, we have a plan B in place already. We check if everything is right with respect to the landing page, ad, and the website. If anything goes wrong, we quickly implement the backup plan. All our clients get comprehensive PPC management services from us so that they always move in a positive direction to success.


Paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent – a 200% ROI rate

85% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses

Traffic brought through PPC advertising yields 50% more conversions than organic advertising

52% of online shoppers who click on or view PPC ads call that advertiser right after browsing


PPC services mostly take place through Google Ads. But Google is strict with its advertising policies and terminates anyone who violates their regulations. As one of the top agencies for PPC services in Hyderabad, we integrate Google Ads cleverly for better advertising of your brand.

Our PPC analysts will bring outstanding results utilizing their creative ideas and marketing strategies. We comprehend in mind your goals and your target market so that we deliver the best results cost-effectively. Every now and then, we track your ads conversion to achieve maximum return on investment for the spend.


Though we know that Google is the search engine leader, Bing Ads also account for a large share through the Bing search engine. Therefore, in case your organization is advertising only through Google, you are missing almost 17% of Bing search engine market.

Some advantages of using Bing Ads are that you can track customers on the basis of:
  • Demographics
  • What devices they use
  • Time of the day
  • Where exactly they are located
Some benefits of Bing Ads
  • Lower CPCs
  • Reach untapped audience
  • Streamlined process
  • Strong playing field


Yahoo Gemini ads are the first cohesive ad marketplace for native advertising and mobile search. Through Yahoo Gemini, we as marketers gain quantifiable results because of its intent-driven advertising. We use the proprietary information signals to focus on the interested audience, easily reach them on Yahoo and other third-party apps and websites.

To reach potential customers, we target them through age, sex, interests, devices, Geo, and several other available options.

If you start using Yahoo native ads, you will take advantage of:

  • Accessing multiple devices – 89% of impressions
  • Relevant and enticing ads – 2x more influential banner performance
  • Effective ad campaign – surpasses 23% of brand awareness


AdRoll platform has everything your brand requires to grow swiftly. We effectively use AdRoll and create impressive solutions which will help you build relationships with customers and delight them to increase their lifetime value. The main advantage with AdRoll is that you can have total control of your budget i.e. you can set a budget for every campaign and modify it at any time. AdRoll software uses customer intelligence data to provide matchless display targeting.

With the help of AdRoll, we even create retargeting campaigns. Retargeting is the best solution from AdRoll to convert visitors into customers. Did you know? Using AdRoll, you can create retargeting campaigns across 500 advertising partners!

What do you get through AdRoll?
  • You can visualize your marketing mix with Channel Contribution Analysis.
  • Observe the multi-channel journey with Cross-Channel Conversion Pathing
  • Easily compare and apply the latest models to find the perfect fit through Cross-Channel Attribution Modelling


Our experts are good at driving minimum CPC for maximum conversions. For that, we leverage our integrated SEM strategies combined with targeted PPC advertising and grow your business.

Programmatic Display

We utilize Programmatic Display Advertising to boost Click-Through Rate, leads and conversion rates.


We make sure you jumpstart your business with remarketing to enhance repetitive consumers and conversions.

Display Advertising

Catch your customer’s interest through media to boost social sharing and also conversions.

Reduce CPC

We have mastered the art of minimizing the total cost per click. Our experts suggest the best options which are important for the bidding procedure.

Bid Management

Our dedicated team of experts will bid on the right keywords only so that the cost is reduced, and ROI gets a boost.

PPC Review and Audits

Get help from our professionals to perform audits for the enduring PPC Campaigns.

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