We often think of Google when we want great search rankings. However, if you have an e-commerce company and are willing to sell your products on Amazon, then you will need Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC to stand out from your competition and get increased leads and sales. To boost your rankings on Amazon results page, choose expert services from SEM Marketing. is one of the leading Amazon Advertising service providers in Hyderabad, India.


85% of ad spend on Amazon is on sponsored products

66% of product searches start on Amazon

Amazon averages more than 200 million unique visitors per month

9 out of 10 consumers price check a product on Amazon


Do you want to be on the #1 page of Amazon SERP? We got you covered! Amazon search engine optimization is the process where we optimize your listings on Amazon so that your products rank higher compared to your competitors’ products for the related keywords which have more search intent. By optimizing the listings, we make it simpler for Amazon to easily identify your listing and display it to the shoppers who wish to buy it.

What does Amazon SEO involve?
  • Amazon keyword optimization
  • Images optimization
  • Product title optimization
  • Pricing strategy
  • Amazon A9 algorithm

Amazon A9 algorithm is a ranking process. It affects the results of where your product should appear based on a customer’s search query on Amazon SERP. Our team of experts are well-versed with the Amazon A9 algorithm and have comprehensive knowledge about the A9 algorithm. We can help your product to get a higher Amazon rank in quick time. We implement many strategies and leverage various tools to improve your Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate, Sales, and Rankings.


Amazon PPC is an advertising platform and third-party sellers can sell their products to customers across the world. Through Amazon PPC, you can easily make your products noticeable to your target customers. Did you know? There are nearly 120 million products on Amazon. Our professional team of Amazon experts are terrific and can make your products visible to your target customers and produce incredible results with their impeccable strategies.

Is Amazon PPC important for sellers?

Though Amazon SEO is already performed, it is necessary to make good use of Amazon PPC so as to enhance the reach of your product on this amazing platform. We properly execute your Pay-Per-Click campaign and we assure that your inventory will be out of stock at a faster pace.

Our expertise in different types of Amazon PPC Ads
  • 1. Sponsored products ads
  • a. Automatic-targeting ads
  • b. Manual-targeting ads
  • 2. Sponsored brand ads
  • 3. Product display ads

Though there are three different types of Amazon PPC Ads, it is important to choose a type that is right for your business. Before spending your hard-earned money, we do extensive research about your business and your competitors’ and decide the right kind of ads to run so that your products sell quickly to earn a significant amount of revenue.


Amazon Storefront is an individual section for sellers to feature their business. Rather than using sponsored products ads, you can take complete advantage of sponsored brands ads.

What do we do?

The biggest benefit of Amazon storefront is you can have a captive audience as it does not put your competitors on the page along with your products. We advertise your brand by taking full advantage of the Amazon SEO efforts and also from the user experience standpoint of the customer. Through our efforts, we provide a chance to point someone to a page where they see all your brand items. So, leave the tough work of creating an Amazon storefront page to our experts and we concentrate on growing your business quickly.

Amazon Branding

Amazon Brand Stores is a tool that permits sellers to design their branded storefront on Amazon. When a customer visits your brand page, they can navigate only through your own products. At, we have Amazon branding experts who will enrol you in the Amazon Brand Registry.

The Amazon Brand Stores tool offer several advantages to sellers like:

  • Stronger brand affinity and brand strategy
  • Emphasize each of your product’s USP with rich content
  • Increased traffic and visibility for your product
  • Channel for your product launch

Being an expert provider of Amazon Advertising Services, we believe that it is a smart tactic to implement all the Amazon advertising forms. Because, it helps your business to grow at a rapid tempo and surpass your competition by increasing sales, thereby escalating company profitability.

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